Lately I've been intrigued with the idea of how does one become a better planner? As a former baseball player getting it right 3 out of 10 times was fantastic, but in any sector that is atrocious. So how do we build a continuous improvement culture? Meet Lean Six Sigma.

It's about process improvement. If you want to improve then you must first start with understanding where you're at and try to improve it. 

1. MIT Open Courseware

2. Six Sigma Handbook 

3. Six Sigma Graeme Knowles

4. Ready For Certification? Start with 



10/25/2016 9:52am

Yup if we want to improve ourselves , we must have to take a glance at where we are and where we want to be in our future .

12/02/2016 5:55am

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We should Improve ourselves continuously . And its compulsory to know our current position and so that we can improve ourselves.

11/11/2016 2:42am

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12/05/2016 3:38am

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12/23/2016 4:30am

I used to use a hand written piece of paper for all my passwords. Then I moved to a spreadsheet that I locked. Guess what – lost the paper, lost my key for the file. Now I use a password management application to help me keep this crap straight, especially now that so many sites won’t let you use a password that you’ve ever used in the past twice.

02/02/2017 11:23am

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02/24/2017 11:50am

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05/05/2017 3:19pm

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