Yesterday Rotary International hosted the youth leadership awards and asked our Rotaract chapter to help. Our team was assigned the lower ropes challenge with various groups of 13-16 year olds. 

First challenge, tie 20 knots in the 25 foot rope and have the groups untie the knot together using only their right hand. 

Second challenge, make a shape together using the 25 foot rope while blindfolded.
Final challenge, walk a course together in unison while lassoed by the rope.  

Lessons learned: when you’re resource limited you must pool your teams resources to accomplish the mission.

In life many times we walk into a situation blindfolded, but how you find your way is by communicating correctly by asking the right asking the right questions to your team and by trusting that they follow instructions.

There’s the old saying “Individually you’ll get there faster, but together you’ll get there farther.” They learned that in order to finish the course they must all walk together because if not, they would be bound by the rope and ultimately fall. 



03/15/2016 4:10am

Interesting challenges. I guess they are great to build a team.

05/26/2016 7:54pm

I agree to you. The challenges are great, quite hard, but it can be done using teamwork with a touch of cleverness. The low ropes challenge is great it test if they can think fast and do the said task with a twist. The first challenge was exciting, using only the right hand to untie the 20 knots. Ha-ha brilliant idea of really giving challenge. The second one is a hard one, but as I said in group activities you can surpass it with a group effort or the so called cooperation with each other. The lesson learned are really inspiring, the challenges really are engaging and it really will teach you something about socializing and coordinating.

03/18/2016 11:17pm

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    I have had some very unique opportunities to serve in the U.N and the U.S. Federal Government, but getting there wasn't very easy; therefore, I want to share my story in hopes of inspiring other young individuals to consider entrepreneurship or public service during a time of much need.


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